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My training is in transpersonal hypnotherapy, which means that my belief is that each person has their own answers in the subconscious mind, and it is my job to help them find those answers.  Other types of hypnotherapy are suggestive or directive, requiring you to only listen.  In sessions with me, the client is encouraged to participate as we engage the subconscious mind to look for answers and solutions. 

What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a state of relaxation and/or a level of concentration that allows the conscious part of the mind to temporarily “step aside” in order for the deeper, or subconscious, mind to work on problems, change behaviors, or delve deeper into the memories stored in the mind. Often a person will think they have not been under hypnosis because it feels very different than what they expect.

From watching TV programs or seeing stage hypnotists, there is a belief that there is a disconnect from everything that is going on, a kind of “coma”. Yet, most people are in a state of self-hypnosis several times a day.

  For example, if a person is absorbed in a TV program, or a movie, or a book, they will get “lost” in the experience. That is, they will enter a state of self-hypnosis. There may be someone else in the next room that they are aware of – they can hear the other person, smell if they are cooking something, have awareness that the other person is there. Yet the person is still very focused on what they are doing. 

Using Guided Relaxation & Imagery 

Hypnosis is attained by the client when the hypnotist uses guided relaxation and imagery to help the client get to a place of peacefulness and calm, and to “let go” of the stresses and mind chatter that is common with most of us. At no time is the therapist in control of the client, the client is always in control. A hypnotist cannot make anyone go against their basic morals or values. The hypnotherapist simply acts as a guide for the client to find their own answers and shift their attitudes and ideas, creating a new awareness of the situation or issue. By giving suggestions to the client while they are under hypnosis about what they already want to change or accomplish, therapeutic results are attained.  Hypnosis is also an excellent tool for recovering lost memories if desired.

I’m happy to answer any additional questions you may have about hypnotherapy or the process of it. Each session lasts approximately 1-1/2 to 2 hours. Skype or Zoom sessions are available.

Fee for service  is $100 for the first session, and $85 for each session after. 

The Smoking Cessation program is excluded from this fee structure as it is a one-time fee of $150.00 consisting of 2 appointments.

Other Services

Janice is available as a speaker for your gathering, retreats and/or workshops, and for group sessions. Please use the contact form to inquire about availability and pricing.